Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Dusty's Duct Cleaning Musings

Hi, I am Ward Holman,

I am owner and operator of Air-Vision Duct Cleaning. Dusty is my imaginary mascot, a brown, long-eared dust bunny wearing a blue ball cap and holding the Viper duct cleaning tool. He is my boss and keeps me moving while on the job.

What a great ride this has been! I’ve been self-employed for 6 whole years with no regrets. My wife and daughter inspire me to keep plugging away on the business everyday.

My mentor is John Bentley, the person who invented the Viper duct cleaning system and who has a passion for being a duct cleaner himself. The Viper is a system that has revolutionized the residential duct cleaning industry. With an eighty-five foot reach, and the ability to turn corners, Air-Vision can clean most any duct in any home!

My nearly 12 years working at the Overland Park Marriott has helped to make me the best customer-service business owner in Kansas City. Knocking on doors and entering guest rooms with food is no different than ringing a customer's doorbell and asking to come in. They both are expecting me, and want what I am offering!

I have a relationship with several Heating and Cooling Companies and thank them all for sending jobs my way. Air-Vision had to overcome their doubts that ducts could actually be cleaned especially without letting dirt and debris dropping into the furnace and fouling it. There nothing worse than debris and dirt wedged into the fins of an A-Coil!

Making Air-Vision's website from scratch was something I never thought I could do. By downloading Yahoo Site Builder software and playing around with it, I had the first version of Air-Vision’s site up and running in 2004. By making my own site, it helped me understand my own business even better. Adding the duct cleaning video in 2006 has helped book jobs more than anything else I've ever done.

I recently added a second income stream making websites for other small service companies. Currently, there is www.banddsouth.com for my favorite roller skating rink, and www.elit-trainingcenter.com for a martial arts, tumbling and cheer-leading school in Blue Springs. Others in the works are for an HVAC company, a financial planner, and a reception hall.

Air duct cleaning is a specialized form of janitorial service that homeowners can't really perform themselves. Limited accessibility and lack of reach prevents homeowners from taking this on. (Well, sometimes they do, as I have retrieved many lost vacuum wands and brushes from air ducts!)

Customers call for these reasons:

They have just bought a house and the previous homeowner left their air duct dirt behind. "Who wants someone else’s dirt in their new home?" I ask...

Their new powerful furnace is moving the dirt the old wimpy one allowed to build up. Filters load up quickly, furnaces are fouled, and dirt blows out into the living space. The HVAC guy didn't recommend duct cleaning because he does not believe in doing it.

"Sure, tell that to his customer as the dirt is blowing into the living space...”

Their first baby is on way! Yes, clean house, clean the ducts the baby is coming!

Also its time to buy life insurance, and make a trust for the baby. Do it now, not later'...Call the office of Craig Reaves (816) 756-2100) to set this up. I got a trust set up through him on behalf of my daughter and I'm glad I did!

Call my best friend, Mark Squires for the insurance at (816)-616-2023 tell him that Ward says hi!

Sheet rock dust. "Yes, builders and remodlers just love staying comfortable as the work, so, on goes the furnace or air-conditioner and the ducts are fouled..."

Allergens: All of them. Duct cleaning will take all the allergens out of the duct systems as they are part of the dirt that surrounds them. Duct Cleaning will eliminate the ducts as one big suspect in allergen relief. Other house cleaning will eliminate the rest.

Please post your duct cleaning and customer service comments here in this blog.

Note: (All Spam will be grilled and eaten on toasted bun, don't do it!)

May all your ducts be clean.

Ward Holman

Owner/Operator 816-510-7573


Mark A. said...

Ward and Dusty cleaned my ducts about 2 years back. I recently moved to a new home and I am excited about having Ward back out to get the ducts cleaned.

Linda said...

Ward cleaned the air ducts for me at my rental property and I was so impressed with the work he did, I had him clean the air ducts and dryer vent at my home. He is courteous and the customer service he provides is top notch. I have since recommended him to several of my friends who have been very pleased with his work.